We provide DevOps services to automate end-to-end software delivery and ensure the scalability and security of infrastructures in companies of all sizes. By consolidating development and operations, we help businesses establish transparent and quick software delivery cycles, along with improving the quality of implemented solutions and setting up collaboration-driven, cross-functional teams.

DevSecOps Automation in Action

unlock efficiency and savings

Cloud Services

Cloud Migration

Our experts dive deep into your IT setup, tailoring a strategic cloud migration plan. Seamlessly transition to cloud infrastructure with a step-by-step, customized implementation.

Cloud Infrastructure Strategy & Setup

Our seasoned engineers craft scalable, secure, and automated cloud infrastructures that align with your business standards. Expect 100% codified systems for enhanced reliability and stability.

Security Audit

Secure your business with our IT infrastructure security audits. Our automation solutions free up your time to focus on innovation while ensuring top-tier protection.

Cost Optimization & Management

Our optimization recommendations streamline your infrastructure for reliability and flexibility, reducing annual expenses by up to 30%-40%.

Infrastructure as code

IaC modernizes infrastructure management by treating it like code, stored in version control systems for precise, well-documented, and efficient operations.

Continous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We adopt CI and CD practices, ensuring code integration, early issue detection, and seamless, controlled deployment for efficient and reliable software delivery.

Continuous Monitoring & Alert

Our Continuous Monitoring Service caters to IT, with a focus on DevOps teams. It gathers real-time data from both public and hybrid environments to bolster security measures like incident response and threat assessment. Additionally, it offers insights into the overall health of your IT setup, optimizing efficiency and security.

Integration of 3rd-party solutions

Our team of DevOps engineers specializes in the seamless integration of cutting-edge open-source and third-party tools and services throughout your automated workflow. We excel at orchestrating the harmonious collaboration of your various services, ensuring they work together seamlessly.

success with ci/cd

DevSecOps as a Service

microservice mastery

Container Management & Orchestration

Integration Kubernetes

At DEXT, our Kubernetes Experts ensure your clusters meet security standards and perform at their best by reviewing configurations with precision.

Containerize applications

Our Dockerization service transforms app packaging and deployment. We use Docker to bundle all components into containers, streamlining execution. Experience efficient deployment with expertly crafted container images defining contents precisely.

Building microservices architecture

With years of experience, we excel in a dynamic tech landscape. Our experts leverage their know-how to guide you in architecting a robust microservices framework for your app, thriving in the modern software world.

GitOps Implementation

Introducing GitOps for cloud-native apps. We use Git to streamline operations, ensuring constant synchronization with Kubernetes. It guarantees precision and control.

DevSecOps Consulting Services

We audit infrastructures and software delivery processes in place to reveal bottlenecks and offer a feasible optimization plan spanning your technological stack, software workflows, and human resources’ workload.

We implement a powerful toolkit to automate various aspects of software development, including code review and deployment, continuous testing, and knowledge aggregation. We also train your teams to operate effectively in the automated environment.

We help our customers adapt to the newly introduced DevOps processes, control the flawless performance of introduced workflows, analyze if the implemented DevOps ecosystem is flexible enough, and evaluate how the business reacts to such changes.

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