Now that you have a website, what will you do with it?


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As a Business Strategist and Marketer, I have helped many businesses to build strong online presence. One method that’s always on top of my list is a website. A developer myself, I take great care to design and build professional and responsive websites for my clients but then,  I realize that most of them don’t know what to do with it. This makes me quite alarmed because I feel like I have given, arguably, the most important business asset to people who don’t understand it.

Deb Brown, a Graphic Designer on said, ”Having a website is like having a loyal employee that tells people about your business 24/7/365; no salary, no insurance, no sick days, no complaining…”. I dare say that’s even an understatement. Before tackling the main topic, lets answer the obvious question that will throw more light on the meat of this article.


YES OF COURSE!!! And I’ll give you just 3 reasons why:

  • It’s inevitable

Meaning you cannot avoid getting a website. Can you show me any big company or business brand which doesn’t have a website? I bet you can’t. It’s because having a website is now a default standard in a world that is almost absolutely digital. Almost all business processes are getting digital and if you want to compete well, you’ll have to go digital too. Read my article: If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. It’s simple: as your business grows, you will have to get a website…

  •  Cheaper and Limitless Advertising

The traditional way of advertising anything was either printing posters and flyers and pasting them all around town or advertising through radio or television. We all know how expensive any of these processes can become. In this modern times, your website is a much-much cheaper and even a much-much more effective means of advertising. Just check our website development prices on, compare prices and you’ll understand for a fact what I mean.

  • Makes you look trustworthy

Though Dext Solutions Consult has made the whole process much simpler and cheaper, getting a website requires serious capital investment. Some other companies charge over $1000 for what we charge as low as $25 for (Same quality). And so, when a company gets a secure website, it shows their commitment to their business. This helps the customer to trust you more easily. It’s just like when customers ask for your office location. A website is a trust-gaining investment.


What does your website do for you?

Your physical office location allows for customers in your area to quickly identify you (1) and come to you (2) when they have any enquiries (3) or when they need your services (4). When they come to your office, they are sure to get answers to any question they have about your services and they can transact business right there and then. it’s the same thing that your website does for you except that it is online. So, your website is your online head office for your business.

It helps everyone who has an enquiry or who needs your services to quickly find you, contact you and do business with you. Traditionally, when you open a new office or store, you use loud music and paste posters all over town to inform the townsfolks that your new office is now open. How do you do the same with your website? I’ll give you some gist:

  • Link sharing

Link sharing is about getting people to click on your website link so that they can see your products/services on your website. Your link contains your business name like this: You can find your website at the top search bar of your browser. Make sure to make your website link visible on any branding you do; I mean, your business card, letterheads etc. Also share your link on your social media platforms. Send it to people and groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s also very easy to direct them to specific areas of your website. For example, by clicking you will go straight to our digital marketing page. Link sharing is a sure way to bring more people to see your products/services. Now, whether they will stay or not depends on how well designed and convincing your website is. This is where we can help you by building a user-friendly website for you or redesigning what you already have. Yes, we do website maintenance too.

  • Write articles and post them on your blog.

Articles educate people on a specific topic. So when you write one and put it on your website, not only will people trying to read the article come to your website, they will identify you as an expert in the subject you’re writing about and come often to see if you’ve written anything new. I am sure that if you feel you’ve learnt many things in this article, you will search for other articles that I have written on this website too. That’s how much a good and consistent blog can do for you. Remember to link your articles to your products or services. Write on topics that concern your business. Also, you will learn quickly that people are more likely to click on a link if it’s educative than just a raw website link. For example, which of these links are you more likely to click on:

  1. Website Development and Digital Marketing. Click on this link to see more services (
  2. If you’re not on the internet, YOU DON’T EXIST. Click here to read more (

I will choose the second too. An important additional advantage it gives you is that it improves your website search engine ranking so that more people who are searching for anything connected to your business find you more easily.

  • Keep your website up-to-date.

Many business owners do not update the contents on their website. This is bad especially for frequent visitors. It’s even worse for new visitors to see 2012 projects still prominent on your website. You have to continuously update and maintain your website. One very important thing to always show on your website is your current promotions and price changes. Those are effective advertisement strategies you can run on your website to get more visitors. We at Dext Solutions Consult can help you schedule a consistent means of keeping your website up-to-date. Simply outsource it to us to handle. For all our promotional customers, you enjoy unlimited website updates.

  • Put your website on all local listings

Especially for Google Maps, register your business at least with all free local listings websites. These websites keep a database of all businesses in a particular country. Some, like Yelp and Google Map, attempt to cover the world. As far as you use your business keywords effectively on these sites, visitors can easily locate you and visit your website for more information. On Google Search or any other search engine, look for ‘local business listings’ and you’ll get many websites that you can register your services/products on. This is just an extra way of making your business more visible on the internet. Send us a message if you need any help with going about this process and our team will help you.

These days, you don’t talk too much. You just send a link of your website to your clients and they get all the information they need from there. For example, our website development prices are the best hottest deals you can have anytime. Check them out at

I hope this article has given you more ideas on increasing your customer base with your website. If you have any questions, please write me on with the heading ‘HOW TO USE YOUR WEBSITE MORE EFFECTIVELY’.

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