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Your business has to be on the internet

Now, who would go and say something like that? 
Well folks, my name is Romeo Coffie. I am a web developer with Dext Solutions Consult and I welcome you to our blog.

Do you remember the last time you needed the service of a handyman? How did you get them to come help you? When was the last time you went to the supermarket or to the local market to checkout the price of something you wanted to buy? If you still spend money to make calls or spend money to go to the market just to ask for prices, then you are way outdated. You can get almost whatever you want by just googling it.

Try it. Open your browser and just type say, ‘the price of school bag’ or say, ‘handyman near me’. You’ll see a long list of results that will help you find what you want.

Cheap but professional websites from Dext Solutions Consult

You see that it is complete with maps and reviews as well as directions and contact information. 

You see, this is the new way of finding what you want.
Do you know that right this second…, 4,368,913,046 people are searching for something on the internet? Guess how many of them are looking for ‘handyman’ here in Ghana? Within the start of this very hour that I am writing this, 89 people in Ghana are looking for precisely the word ‘handyman’. That is 89 potential customers for any single handyman company which is on the internet and is here in Ghana.

(I got the stats from https://www.internetlivestats.com/ and google trends)

It is a good thing to have a physical location where people can find you but you are limited to only those people who already know you and will remember you. That doesn’t have to be the case. From the illustration above, you see that you can now have access to millions, even billions, of customers, if you’re up to it. You don’t have to be limited by your physical location or limited to only those people who know you. GET YOUR BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET TODAY.



Rent a professional website from Dext Solutions Consult

Just as it is important that you get a location where people who need your service can find you, you need a kind of business office on the internet. This is what people call a website. Your website is your business office on the internet. It is a real location where people can find your business information. Every business needs to have a website. This is very important if you really want to grow your business customer base. Dext Solutions Consult has a business office on the internet. Click here to visit: https://dextsolutions.com/
You see that we have a beautiful and very secure website. Anyone who wants to visit our office simply needs to click on the link and they can see all our business information as well as interact with us live.


Getting a good and credible website is a tricky thing but that is why I am writing this article. The good news here is that Dext Solutions Consult is an IT company. Among other things we build websites for all businesses. You can visit https://dextsolutions.com/web-development/ to see our packages for regular website development.


A good twist to this is that, we know that many small and medium scale businesses cannot afford a quality website outright. That is why we have introduced a RENT A WEBSITE scheme. Click this link- https://dextsolutions.com/packages/ – to see our offers.

With the RENT A WEBSITE scheme, we take care of your domain name (website location address) and hosting (storage space for your website files like pictures and videos)
needs. We handover the site to you after you have been with us for two years.
This scheme is designed to help you quickly setup a beautiful website on the
internet and develop a strong foundation for your online campaign for your business.
Your customers need a way to keep track of your services and also to interact
or reach you quickly. A website helps you do all these.


Digitization is an agenda that is not going to stop. Soon or later, you’re going to have to be on the internet. Start now ahead of your competitors. Build some grounds on the internet fast. There are already many people who offer your kind of service on the internet. Get the local advantage now.https://dextsolutions.com/


Dext Solutions Consult is a business development center where we pride ourselves in the ability to transform businesses through systematic and measurable tools with tailor-made array of solutions. We aim at working long term with our clients by creating client-specific solutions.. Our aim at Dext Solutions is to connect with you in such a way that you come to see us as your partner on your business journey. We are very dedicated to running with you and the brand that you are building for the long term. We do the best and we are the best.


Our frontline approach are mostly technological in nature. These include:

1. Web and Mobile Application Development.

2. Domain and Hosting Services

3. Digital Marketing (including Social Media Management and Bulk SMS)

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5. Graphics and Design

 We have started this discourse because we want to start the journey with you and send you through step by step. We will be with you every step of the way. 
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