what is seo?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

It is a combination of a variety of techniques that are used to make a website or a web application much more easily found when people search for them using web-focused related keywords.

How do search engines like google search and bing decide which results to show first when you type in a search query? These search engines are programmed to display links that feature what the search term contains. Thus, the closer your website focus is to the search term, the more probable it is that you’ll be among the first results to be listed.

You can already imagine the impact on your business if more people see your website link among the first results when a search is made. Only well optimized web apps and websites get that privilege.

We at DEXT Solutions Consult know the full range of techniques to increase your web traffic by making Google rank your website higher.



Let us make your website appear in among the first results on all search queries

Optimized website code

Let us transform your website codes into search engine easy-to-index code.

Higher visibility

Let us make your website more popular and attractive by getting more people to click your link.

strong relational web-content

Let us make sure that your website has enough content to attract more people

collaboration MODuLeS

SEO is a continual process but we do our best to make sure that we do optimum due diligence on every project. Even our one time-services are solid 

monthly retainer

We’ll perform a range of focused services that establish your site on the SEO scale. This is ideal for maintaining your website in an optimum state.

contract service

Lets agree upon a combination of services that you need and let’s fix cost and time to it.

project-based pricing

No two websites are the same at anytime even if they look it. Thus, every project is unique to its times and requirements. Let us audit your SEO need and lets implement the best of efforts.



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