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What is Website Rental?

 The idea comes from home rental services. Not everyone can whip out cash to build their dream house upfront and so they hire a place and pay intermittently over a period of time. We at Dext Solutions Consult have also realized that, many people cannot afford a full functional website for their niche and so we reasoned to create quality and beautiful websites and rent them; just like renting a house.


Why would somebody want to rent a website?

For one, there is the reason of not enough funds to get one. There are many website builders on the internet which offer simple template websites at monthly rates but anyone who has tried them know that those templates are grossly inadequate in covering most website goals and they are very difficult to redesign or change as well as very expensive in the long run. Dext Solutions’ answer to this is a website that is specifically built from ground up according to your business needs and at the very best rate all over the internet. WE DON’T DO TEMPLATES

Another reason why some people would choose to rent a website is to use the website for one time events or short-term functions. Why pay so much for a website that you won’t use again after a month, or so? You won’t find good enough short-term websites on the internet. Most of them, aside being templates, are too generic to speak specifically to your online campaign. Dext Solutions websites are built ground-up for you specifically. They are your perfect option to start your short or long-term online campaign.


Why Dext Solutions Consult?

1. We build every website ourselves from ground-up. It is a lot of work but we understand that this is the value that our clients want. Templates are ugly and our clients want something special, not generic.
2. Our rates are indeed the best that you’ll find out there.
3. Our website features for even the most basic of our offers is outstanding. We provide quality service that our competitors charge so much extra for.
4. Our goal at Dext Solutions Consult is to work long term with you. We are a business development consultancy and we are interested in staying with you and helping you build your business –like us– from ground-up

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